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Remember when you learned to ride a bicycle? It was kinda-sorta helpful talking about it, but the best way was to just get in and give it a go?

Essays are exactly the same. We want to give you the chance to see behind the scenes instead of just talking about it. To do this we need your help.

Send us your paragraph or your essay (up to around 1000 words), and we'll re-write it, word for word, taking some of the mystery out of writing and editing. Don't worry, we'll take your name off  before we post any drafts!

We do Word-By-Word edits on a case-by-case basis, so if we don't use your work this time we might do it next!

UPDATE: do to the high number of submissions we can't get to everyone, but we'll let you know if your work is picked out, and what day it will be published.

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Got an idea for an article?

We're now accepting article proposals and submissions! 

Save My Essay is on the lookout! If you have an EssayHack, a clever trick, or an interesting idea we want to hear it! We want your help to write great advice on any topic related to essays.


We're especially interested in articles covering:

  • Argument

  • Writing for a specific field or subject

  • Finding and discussing evidence

  • Exam advice

  • Sample answers and papers

  • Study tips

  • The academic process

  • Assignment help

  • Any other related topic!

Your article doesn't have to be long: we're looking for anywhere between 300-1200 words. We'll help you through the editing process, and help supply some shiny graphics too! Your name will be right up on the top of the article and you can link to your site (if you have one), giving you published work you can show off.

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Together we can help students everywhere improve their writing and their grades.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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