Are You Doing Paragraph Links Wrong? We Sort it Out

You NEED to smash the last sentence of your paragraph: Here's how.

What's in a link?

The Question You Have to Answer:

Imagine you have to write an essay on this question:

 Which member of the Avengers contributed the most in the fight against Ultron?

Cool question, hey? Although I’m going to answer this question in the rest of the article, your question could be anything from “How has the author of your chosen text presented THIS topic?” or “What are the macroeconomic implications of THAT policy?” or even “Is it ever justified to provide medical treatment to a patient without their consent?”

No matter what, you will always need to write an awesome statement.

Let’s get back to my example to see how.

No weak Links here…

The end of your paragraph is the last chance you'll get to impress your reader.

To do this you NEED to link your paragraph back to the question!

Linking is a little more complicated that just saying “THIS is what I just said”, but that can be a helpful place to start. Let’s see how that looks:

Start by saying what you just said...

Because the Hulk is heroic, and brings Black Widow to the fight, he is the most important member of the Avengers.

This is waaay too blunt – like a verbal punch from the Hulk himself.

When you go to write a Linking sentence you’re not just looking to repeat something you’ve already said just for the sake of it.

A good Link is able to point out what your Analysis does to support your argument, and ties this back to the question. 

Here’s what it should look like:

Then use the words of the question to show how your point fits in.

The additional fighting power supplied by the Hulk, through both his own combat and that done by Black Widow, is essential to the Avenger’s plan to overwhelm Ultron, and without the Hulk’s valuable contribution, the Avengers may not have been successful.

A good Link uses the language – even the individual words – of the question, all the while showing how your Example and Analysis help support your argument.

In my Link, I spell out what the implications of the Hulk’s actions were, and why this made his contribution valuable.

This Link ties together everything I wanted to say about the Hulk, and makes it say for the reader to see my point as well. See how useful a good scaffold is?

Link to your question and you'll never have a problem finishing your paragraphs again!