Write Smarter Paragraphs Using Amazing Techniques

Technically Speaking you should Speak Technique-ally. Here's how to put examples in your text.

What are techniques?

Depending on your topic, techniques are probably a little broader than you think.

A Technique is anything, anyone or anything does deliberately to achieve something else. When director Joss Whedon decides to put the final battle with Ultron in a church, he is “doing” a technique.

When you catch a classic poet uses a metaphor, it’s a technique. Even when Socrates argues… well, everything, it is a technique.

Put simply, techniques are deliberate actions.

It helps if you can “sum-up” these deliberate actions in easy-to-digest chunks, like “metaphor”, “simile”, “prop use”, “aggression”, “fiscal policy”, “intravenous drug use”, or “the laws of thermodynamics”.

You always need to use techniques in the same way - name them, then explain them.

You need to say that someone or something has deliberately done something to create whatever effect your talking about.

Try this on for size:

The Hulk’s extraordinary physical abilities are an essential aspect of the Avengers overall victory.

Here, my technique is the Hulk’s “extraordinary physical abilities”. 

Techniques include

All sorts of things are techniques. 

To get you thinking in the right way, here are some of the techniques you might already know:

  • metaphor
  • simile
  • camera angles
  • tone
  • pace
  • meter
  • aliteration
  • personification
  • symbolism
  • overstatement
  • understatement
  • dramatic tension
  • soundtrack
  • sound effects
  • special effects
  • CGI
  • shadows
  • spotlight
  • soliloquy
  • action sequence
  • car chase
  • gore
  • foreign language
  • speed
  • jargon


The list is seriously almost endless.

Always say "who" or "what" is responsible for the technique


Feeling technically correct yet?